A collaboration platform for Mall Management and Tenants using web portal and mobile app
  • Automation of Sales Reporting with email alert for missing sales or submission errors.
  • Tenant portal for document sharing including Mall policies, guidelines and forms.
  • Mobile App for Tenants to submit requests and report issues.
  • Auto-deactivation of tenant login based on Lease Expiry date and threshold settings.
  • Reduce cycle time for Percentage Rent billing and reporting.

Automation of submission for daily sales turnover by tenants

  • Web API for Reporting of Sales Turnover
  • Auto-scheduler software application provided to tenants for auto-schedule submission of Sales Turnover
  • Allow Sales Turnover submission with multiple product categories

Email notification

  • Notification for submission warnings and validation errors
  • Notification for Missing Sales dates to tenants
Self service portal for your tenants

Self service portal for your tenants

Tenants are able to access a self-service Tenant Web Portal for the following:

  • Access onboarding information
  • Submit daily sales figures
  • Check on daily sales submission status
  • Update tenant contact information
  • Indicate participation in mall marketing campaigns
  • Raise requests, such as repair works, to mall management
  • Auto-deactivation of tenant login based on Lease Expiry date and Threshold Setting
  • mRetailer: mobile app for Tenants to submit request and report issue

Document Repository

Document Repository for Mall Management to share documents with Tenants, including Fit-Out Policy, Operating guidelines etc.

Document Repository
Sales turnover reporting and analysis

Sales turnover reporting and analysis

  • Analysis by Tenant, Zone, Tenant Category, Store Category, etc.
  • Trend, Comparison and Composition Analysis

Sales reporting monitor portal

  • Tracking of Sales Turnover submission status
  • Viewing of Sales Turnover data upload processing log
  • Dates with missing sales from various retailers

Handing of resubmission requests

  • Retailer to raise resubmission requests
  • Lease Admin to approve/reject resubmission requests

Real-time interface to property accounting solutions

  • Interface of Building/Lease/Product Categories
  • Interface of daily Sales Turnover

Floor plan visualization

KPI visualization using floor plan with drill trough capability for tenant details

Floor plan visualization

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